Hello world! Welcome to my Blog.

Welcome to FreeStylePiano.net Blog

My Name is Colin Ross. This is my new blog. I will be posting an ongoing series of live performance videos.  I hope to present a large variety of styles and approaches to music, with an emphasis on improvisation and American Roots music.  Many of these pieces will be played on the same beautiful old Steinway that I have been playing since I was five years old.  It belonged to my father who was a wonderful pianist with an amazing ability to improvise in the styles of various classical composers.  Old Photo of Reinhart Ross at the Piano I can still see the wear marks on the key cover where his sleeve sanded away the  wood from the countless hours he spent composing and arranging.  I will also feature other instruments, including lots of cool guitars, as well some of my amazing musical friends.

This is a new venture and your feedback is important to me, so I hope to hear from you. I look forward to discussions about Freestyle Piano and Improvisational Music.

My Website is http://www.ColinRossMusic.com

My Facebook Page & My YouTube Channel

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